Can't Sit Still

Can't Sit Still creates new, devised performances and projects that combine theatre, circus,
and live music. We make work with and for unusual audiences*, often in unusual locations**.

We tell stories and start conversations that have the power to change the world,
by turning ideas, systems and people*** upside down.
*unusual audiences - children, young people, people who are labelled as having special needs (PMLD, SLD, MLD), people who identify as being on the Autistic Spectrum, people who are D/deaf, new mothers and birth parents with babies, people who use English as a second language and anyone who, for any reason, might not believe that the arts are for them.
**unusual locations - libraries, children’s centres, outdoors, doorsteps, village halls, town halls, screens and anywhere you might not normally expect to find a performance.
***may contain handstands.

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