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Currently, the emphasis in MAFALDA's multifaceted work lies with children's productions, which have enjoyed great international popularity. The productions come along with interactive workshops and parcours of experiences. The multi-layered worlds with which the Zurich based Company MAFALDA, directed by the choreographer Teresa Rotemberg, fascinates its audience are of a very particular character. At times narrative, at times abstract, the company combines sophisticated, often highly virtuous dance elements with all kinds of theatrical devices. MAFALDA's cosmos is full of funny, whimsical, thoughtful and poetic images and scenes; comedy and tragedy are often close to one another. Over and over again the company strives to question realities, the continuing theme is the acceptance of deficits, diversity and change. MAFALDA's creations are designed to appear lightweight and ironic but repeatedly deal with the big questions of our life and coexistence.

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