DreamBIG Festival

By fostering our shared sense of humanity and curiosity. Humanity reveals our ability to love and have compassion. Curiosity drives our desire to ask questions about things we don't understand. Both are intrinsic to the arts and sciences. Engendering empathy and curiosity in young people sets them on a great path! In this vein I offer you the wise words of our poster winner Phitchapha Ritnayom (Yr 6). Being an artist means being curious. When you're curious you observe new ideas and see new worlds. I drew a picture about aliens who heard about DreamBIG Festival and they were curious to see what it is all about. They are inquisitive just like me and want to be part of this great event. I say YES to that!

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Adelaide Festival Centre King William St, Adelaide SA 5000Australia feedback@adelaidefestivalcentre.com.au https://www.dreambigfestival.com.au/