The International Eskişehir Children and Youth Theaters Festival, organized by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters every year, started in 2006 as a meeting within the Children and Youth Theater Unit.
Growing with each passing year the festival, once dressed up in an international identity, all in Turkey and in the world, known, accepted and turned into a festival followed.
The festival, which hosts theater groups from many different countries of the world, brings together the most distinguished examples of plays and performances staged in the field of children's and youth theater abroad and in the country in Eskişehir.
We invite you to meet at the International Eskişehir Children and Youth Theaters Festival in order to listen to the voice of the lonely humanity in our world, which is rapidly polluted as a result of technological, economic and political interest relations, and to realize the intercultural interaction through art in the most accurate way.

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Atatürk Culture Art and Congress Center. Cumhuriyet Boulevard. No: 104 EskişehirTurkey eskfest09@gmail.com https://www.festivalesti.com/

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