As part of the festival we invite the most adventurous music, the most inspiring theatre and the most exciting dance for children from all over the world. Each year we are able to present the work of many different companies to the children of Hamburg and stage more than 50 performances, including productions for the very young.

Having been held every two years since 2000, the panoptikum festival has become a popular event to explore the wide range of children's theatre both from Europe as well as from Bavaria. It covers many different genres for ages 3 to 12.

The international theater festival "Strong Pieces" has been showing selected plays for a young audience in the Rhine-Main region since 1994. Internationally outstanding theater productions are invited: Exciting, touching and thrilling, in the literal sense of the word "strong pieces"!

The Young Ensemble Stuttgart (JES) has been Stuttgart's city and state sponsored children's and youth theater since 2004. On three stages in the cultural area under the tower, five to six theater productions are worked out every year with a professional ensemble, which deal with the world of young people. The spectrum ranges from classic narrative theater to dance theater, performative forms, theater for the very...